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For those who believe, no words are necessary,
For those who do not believe, no words are possible.

Dom Inacio de Loyola


John of God is bearer of an amazing therapeutic power which transcends the usual restrictions. He reveals the intimate connection that we have with the evolved spirits and the energy we call God. His work invites us to abandon our limiting beliefs about the separation of matter from spirit, to forget our fears and to seek a close contact with God.

John of God has given certain people permission to bring Crystal Beds to their countries. Special instructions were given for installation and blessings by the Entities of the Casa were given, as each Crystal Bed functions as a link to the helping spirits of the Casa. I feel so blessed to have received permission from John of God to bring a Crystal Bed back from Brazil to offer healings.

Prem Mukti – Olga Thoma
Energy and Body Psychotherapist
Spiritual Guidance Counsellor